At Fusion we desire Jesus to be central to all of our gatherings, including our groups. We see each and every meeting of two or more as an opportunity to “be His church,” to seek His wisdom, His love, His guidance, His counsel, His grace, and His instruction through His word. We acknowledge as in Proverbs 3:5-6, that we are to "point each other to trusting in the Lord and not our own understanding; that He alone is able to make our paths straight.”

6-15 people gathering in homes or at the church to share life, get to know each other, and talk about the Sunday message
3-5 men with men, or women with women who are serious about growing as a disciple of Jesus and learning better to make disciples of others. To find a group email

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There is no childcare available, but if you need financial assistance with a sitter please fill out our online form or find a paper copy at guest services

Community Groups consist of 6-10 people who gather together usually around a meal, to get to know one another and grow with one another. They revolve around sharing the word, sharing our stories and helping each other grow in their understanding of God’s word and how it applies to their everyday lives. These groups will often times be in community serving together and sharing the love that they've been so freely given with others.

Many of us want to connect with our friends at church outside of Sunday Mornings and we have a strong desire to grow in our faith, but often we hear that schedules are so hectic and lives are so busy, that the Community Group structure is difficult. So CORE GROUPS truly are the answer to that dilemma.

Becoming a part of a Core Group is not adding another thing to your schedule, as much as it is incorporating spiritual growth and connecting, into the regular rhythms of your life. A Core Group is either 3 men or 3 women or a family at home, that chooses to journey together through the study this fall. Instead of meeting at the same time and location every week in a larger group setting, Core Groups can change the time, location, and the day that they meet to accommodate the 3 members of the group. Could be over coffee at 6pm one week, or a pizza place one week for lunch, or in the break room at work, or after work at 9pm. God designed us to connect with fellow believers in life, and we have found for some that is much easier to make that happen with flexibility "when" the connecting happens.

Why do this?

In Acts the Bible tells us we need to be in relationships for our personal and spiritual growth. As Paul and the early Christians taught and received teaching "from house to house," we too must respond in our walk with Christ in each others homes (Acts 5:42; 20:20)!

Why did they do this?

Because they needed to be connected to one another in their fragmented and persecuted world, we desperately need to be connected too!

Are you thinking 'this is great, but not for me?'

Perhaps you’re struggling with a very busy full plate in life. We all struggle with the demands of our career and the frustrations and stress placed on us, such as goals, and the deadlines at work. Then there are our family obligations, taking the kids to school, picking them up here and there, dealing with all of their demands and obligations too. Then maybe you are already volunteering for something in the church or community. Maybe you are juggling work and school and family, to the point there is not a free minute in our week. Then you are asked, "hey, why don't you join our small group?" What??? I do not have the time! I can’t possibly commit to anything else. I am overloaded and overwhelmed! Well, to be honest, then you are the person who needs to be in a small group the most!


Because, it is God's plan for you to be in quality relationships to Him and then to others within the confines of a loving community. We all need a place to belong and work through the issues of life with other Christians.

Sunday gatherings are great but...

As a Christian our primary concern is to know and grow in Christ. Sunday service is great and necessary, but there is too much “Monday to Saturday” to take our eyes off the only thing that will help us gracefully handle the demands of life…..and that is growing in our knowledge and dependence on Christ.

Jesus commands us...

Before Jesus left this earth He gave us with The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 saying that “We are to go and make disciples of all nations…”

At Fusion Community Church we believe that this commission is accessible and doable for anybody in any season of their life. It’s clear that we need each other and also clear, whether we know it or not, that we can give something to someone else, as well as learn from them. We need to “be the church” to one another.