The Giving Tree:

November19th - December 10th
This is our 4th year outreach initiative being coordinated by our First Contact Ministry (Parking lot, greeters, etc). There are many children throughout our communities that might not experience the kind of Christmas the rest of us will, so we see this as an opportunity to love. We are looking for the names of families whose kids might not experience a Christmas for any number of reasons. If you know a family that would qualify, please jot down their contact info and details on the insert in the bulletin and place it in the offering basket beginning November 19th.

Then, in the foyer, there will be a Christmas Tree displayed with the names and ages of children to be sponsored. If you would like to select a child or family of children, they will be hanging on the tree. Select the card(s) for the children and don’t forget to communicate that with the Greeter stationed by the tree so we can record which families have been selected. All gifts must be purchased and returned to the church by Sunday December 10th. ($20-$25 per child please)

Salvation Army Bell Ringing:

DATES OF SERVING: 12/9 & 12/16
On two days this Christmas season, Fusionites and Fusionettes will be stationed at the Wal-Mart General Merchandise door ringing the bells on behalf of The Salvation Army. All the funds raised stay here in Schoharie County to help with needs that families have after experiencing a crisis. If you are interested in serving, register by clicking "SIGN UP" then the leader will follow up with you as you select a time commitment.